Laravel Cheat Sheet

A very thorough list of all Artisan commands, Facade methods and Helper functions. Though this list is exhaustive it also lacks much detail into what something does. 

If you have a hunch that a certain bit of functionality might exist, this is the best place to have a lot short of exploring the code base.

Composer Cheat Sheet

My utter favourite cheat sheet, composer has a lot of power and a lot of customisibility. Using it to update your dependencies only shows off a small amount of it's ability.

If you have every found yourself lost in a composer.json and wondered how to achieve something, chances are you can find the necessary attribute here. Much easier to follow than the composer documentation, with plenty of details!

Github Cheat Sheet

If you have ever been looking at a readme file and wonder how all the markup works. Or just fancied trying to impress your really cool friends at a party with your knowledge of github shortcuts, this is a great place to start.

I like how it's on a github repo rather than just another website. Though I imagine in the same way I think that is cool, the other cheat sheets listed here are probably built using their relevant technology.

The big thing I took away from this one is if you are ever in doubt, just press '?'. Go on, go try!

PHP Cheat Sheet

Quite a broad one, a cheatsheet for the whole of PHP, but this one manages it whilst being more compacted than the Laravel Cheat sheet and at the same time offering more details.

Sometimes on lonely nights I find myself exploring this cheatsheet to learn new and cool functions I had never heard of, and then I just sleep() (Sorry).

Git Cheat Sheet

I have always struggled to some level with git. I get used to how one company does it, and then thats turned on its head by another. I feel I am fairly seasoned with it, but still often find myself asking my peers for the easiest way to do that.

Well now I can replace my peers with this handy sheet, well not really, its just a list of commands and probably one of the more graphically boring lists I have seen today. It still covers all basis though with a nice consist description. Definitely worth a bookmark!

RegEx Cheat Sheet

It's very rare I attempt a RegEx, but when I do its nice knowing that this little resource is here. Though it is only a quick reference sheet, if you couple it with you can pretty much do anything...

Linux Cheat Sheet

A lot of these I learnt from repetition and manging my own servers, but it is very handy having a look up for all those extra cool flags. This might be a good one to keep refering to whilst doing unusual tasks on your servers.

Symfony 2 Cheat Sheet

Not that I use much of Symfony2 anymore, it is still a major framework. Looking at this cheat sheet made me happy for how simple a lot of Laravel functionality is to use in comparison. Still it's a great framework with a lot of features...

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